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Paradise: Love

Teresa, a 50-year-old Austrian hausfrau, travels to the beaches of Kenya as a sex tourist or “Sugar Mama”. There, she moves from one Beach Boy to the next, buying their love only to be disappointed and quickly learning that there, love is strictly a business. With his very unique brand of realism, socio-political critique and warped humor, Mr. Seidl deals with the market value of sexuality, older women and young men, the power of skin color, Europe and Africa, and the exploited, who have no choice but to exploit others. Ulrich Seidl‘s film is the opener in the PARADISE Trilogy about three women in one family who take separate vacations: one as a sex tourist, another as a Catholic missionary (“PARADISE: Faith”) and the third at a diet camp for teenagers (“PARADISE: Hope”). Three films, three women, three stories of the longing to find happiness in contemporary society.

Margarete Tiesel
Peter Kazungu
Inge Maux
Dunja Sowinetz
Helen Brugat
Gabriel Mwarua
Carlos Mkutano

Ulrich Seidl

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